Does your absence making your property value go down while increasing its risk factor? Not to worry anymore, we are here to support you with the best property management services globally. Maintaining your property and generating a justified value from it is what we do the best.

  • Marketing the Property
  • Generating Property Value
  • Maintaining the Property

Are you looking for an office space customized according to the needs and requirements of your business? AGR Max is committed to delivering the best in the industry. You handover us your empty space, and we will deliver you the key of a fully customized ready to use office space within the estimated time.

  • Customized Office Space
  • Smart and Attractive
  • Ready to Use Office Spaces

Whether it’s about upgrading to a suitable air conditioning system, adding up luxury amenities, or rebuilding the infrastructure of your house, we come up with the finest and attractive solutions that make your house the best place to live in. At AGR Max, we don’t just rebuild a house, we build emotions.

  • Adding up Luxury Amenities
  • Rebuilding Infrastructure
  • Modernizing Your Home

Living in a better home leads to a better life. And here comes the idea of a smart home, that recognizes and assists you with keyless entry, and gives you access to a highly secured, upgraded, and hassle-free lifestyle. AGR Max uses state of the art technology to build you a home that uses interconnected devices to manage your home appliances and other home systems with absolute ease.

  • Keyless Entry
  • Your Home at Your Fingertips
  • Upgraded and Secured

Are you concerned about making the best plan for your land? With the help of our highly skilled architects and civil engineers, AGR Max ends up providing an efficient design with a rapid 3D modeling walkthrough that makes optimal use of space with updated technology. We create a structural solution that is stable, durable, elegant, and at the same time, economically sound.

  • Green Building Concept
  • Landscape Designing
  • Eco-friendly Homes

Are you looking for the proper execution of your dream home’s designed/yet to be designed plan? Working with a group of technical experts and consultants, AGR Max holds expertise in providing the best consultation on successfully accomplishing the project. Starting from load calculation, structure calculation, technical requirements, cost estimation, running status, budget clearance, adding up interior amenities (as per requirement) to delivery of final documents along with the project, we do it all.

  • Detailed Cost Estimation
  • Technical Supervision of Project
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility

Are you looking up to go for franchise of a popular brand, but not sure of the entire process of Retail Franchising? Not to be worried as AGR Max gets it done for you at absolute ease. With connection over 4500+ brands globally, AGR Max delivers you the key of the store/office based on the name, branding, trademark, and products of an existing branding.  Just seat back and relax, we will take care of the entire process.

  • Get Your Franchise
  • 4500+ Brands Enlisted
  • Ready to Use Franchise Store/Office

When you get worried about the maintenance and improvement of your estate and its value, there we arrive to give you the best assistance. Whether it’s a land, housing, hotel, or resort, we provide unparalleled services in the industry that is best deserving for your property. Organizing, relocating, and integrating your estates is not only our work, but this is also what we are passionate about.

  • Managing Your Land
  • Best Housing Deals
  • Hotels/Resort at its Best

Do you have a Residential, Commercial, or Industrial property and looking forward to earning the best possible price from it? Or do you want to buy one? AGR Max does it all for you. Whether it’s buying, sell, rent, or lease, AGR Max holds impeccable records globally for delivering a priceless smile on your face.

  • Buy Your Dream Estate
  • Get Best Sellers for your Property
  • Get the Best Rent/Lease Deals

Holding a global reputation of proficient Asset Management service, AGR Max is ready to assist you with efficient management of your tangible and intangible assets by generating a high end value from those. Starting from buildings, equipment, human capital, intellectual property, goodwill to financial assets, we are ready to manage your every asset under one roof.

  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Manage Your Physical Property
  • Financial Assets Management

Hey, are you one of them who always wants to create your living space and living style to be better each time? If that’s so, you are the right place. AGR Max works with the creative minds of the industry, who are specialized in introducing smart renovations, upgrading to comfortable amenities, customized modifications of the interior and exterior, and all those things that develop your living style.

  • Develop Your Living Style
  • Fully Customized Modifications
  • Smart Renovations

Are you an NRI, and worried about the property you have in the country? We have something amazing for you. By staying abroad, you can manage your property that is present inside the country, and vice versa. Believing in the idea of “Stay Local, Work Global”, we have created a highly efficient system in which you can manage your property from any part of the world.

  • Manage Your Property from Abroad
  • Buy Your Property in Abroad
  • Sell Your property from Abroad

Are you facing any legal issues regarding your property i.e., the land or housing? If so, we are there to help. AGR Max acts as the immediate point of contact to handle any legal issues related to your property, which includes civil, criminal, or personal cases.

  • Handling Legal Criminal Cases
  • Handling Legal Civil Cases
  • Handling Legal Personal Cases

Maintaining a professional life and looking for your property’s safety are the tasks that can’t be accomplished simultaneously. We are there to assist you with one of the most efficient real-time security surveillance system, where we will have an eye on your property 24*7, with our hi-tech observatory labs. Any unauthorized or unwanted activity will be intimated to the local area authority at the earliest.

  • Highly Secured and Safe
  • Real Time Security
  • 24*7 CCTV Surveillance

Are you struggling for finance for creating your dream home? Do you need help with getting finance from the reputed and trusted firms? Or are you looking for experienced investors who can invest in your dream project? At AGR Max, we are committed to support you with all kinds of finance and investment policies that help you to bring your dream home into a reality. And if you are an investor, AGR Max is the best platform to invest where we use public money with a guaranteed higher ROI than any other industry.

  • Get the Best Financial Solutions
  • Get the Good Investors for Your Property
  • Magnificent Investment Opportunities