We Don’t Hire the Best Ones,

We Hire the Passionate Ones…

We Hire the Passionate Ones

We don’t hire the best Ones

Join Us:

If you are one of them who are passionate about not only building a career in Real Estate, but also building an empire of your own, then this is the platform that is waiting for your absolute presence.  In AGRMAX, we believe in the idea of growing along, not growing alone.

So if you are ready to explore the big, and give your best to attain that big, then pull up your socks, pack your bags up, our vehicle is ready to pick you up and let you travel the world of limitless Real Estate possibilities.


How We Work:

At AGRMAX, we don’t work with employees, we work with leaders. We believe every person who is passionate about exploring the limitless and has the potential to work towards the same is a leader. So here we develop leaders at every stages and phases of our work process that lets the business expand endlessly. So be a leader, expand your business and be your own boss.

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Department Sales & markting.

  • Chief marketing officer.
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing and promotions manager
  • Marketing specialist

Department of Engineering support.

  • cluster executive engineer
  • Draftsman civil
  • Junior Architect

Department of Administration.

  • human resource manager
  • administrative officer

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